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Are you dealing with health issues and not finding answers or correct support? Is there something draining
your vitality in your home or in your body that you can't quite pin down?

Live Clear Space provides natural health solutions for wellbeing, clear energy, and empowered living.


WELLNESS coaching

One-on-one health coaching to address the root causes of on-going auto-immune dis-ease and environmental factors.
I guide people to make healthy lifestyle choices which nourish and support mind, body and spirit while supporting the body to heal on a deep level.


essential oils

Essential oil education and group workshops on natural health solutions. Purchase essential oils through me and learn about the medicinal and emotional benefits of CPTG essential oils.


Clear your space
clear your energy

Space clearings for the home, intention setting rituals to release and bring in more of what you want in your life and chakra balancing with essential oils for the body.


Instead of kicking the stone on your path, take it as a sign to change direction.
— Annie Zaleszak

LISA GRAHAM is an essential oil educator, a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and a Certified Health Coach. In addition, as a broker with CORE Real Estate she offers added value services by assisting her clients to cultivate a stress-free, non-toxic healthy home environment . Having healed herself from a debilitating autoimmune disease and Lyme disease with natural healing modalities, she has a passion for supporting and empowering others to do the same. She guides people with natural plant based solutions to elevate their health, up-e level their home and work environments and to manage chronic illness.

IT ALL STARTED WHEN...I lost vision in my left eye at the age of seventeen. I experienced a condition called Optic Neuritis nine times during a fifteen year period along with other neurological issues such as loss of feeling and tingling throughout my body and limbs. These symptoms are often a sign of Multiple Sclerosis, the disabling disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and the body and can lead to blindness and paralysis.

The symptoms I experienced persisted throughout my college soccer career as a division 1 scholarship athlete. It was extremely difficult to push my body to the brink of exhaustion on a daily basis because of these difficult health issues. I looked normal to everyone from the outside but I was fighting an internal battle with my body and mind each day. My future was totally unknown. 

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in my early twenties when lesions were found in my MRI brain scans. It was a scary time. I felt alone and unheard. The only option presented by traditional medical doctors was to take immune suppressing medications costing thousands of dollars per month. I turned them down.

Interestingly the cost of these medications has increased 300% between 2004-2015. At the same time this diagnosis is rapidly on the rise and sadly people are left with few, if any alternatives within the traditional medical model.


Although I was told by the top neurologists in the field at the time that diet has no affect on the disease and there is no connection between heavy metal toxicity or lyme disease, I intuitively felt these were the underlying issues at the root of it all.

Over the last twenty years I educated myself. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach in 2004, exploring alternative and integrative healing modalities to get to the root causes of my own issues and to assist others to do the same. I chose to follow my intuition and worked to get to the underlying issues that were presenting as a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis with the help of incredible integrative medical doctors who listen, collaborate and empower their patients. This experience has lead me to understand the importance of trusting my intuition, mind and body awareness. I committed to healthy lifestyle changes, reducing toxicity and stress, eating clean foods and taking plant based medicine to support my healing process. 


I am grateful for this experience which taught me at a young age to listen to my body, eat clean whole foods, seek my truth, question the status quo and to live with awareness.

There are many layers to how my healing unfolded and continues to. Through this experience I have gained vast knowledge in how to support and nourish my body with organic whole food nutrition, mind body connection, proper supplementation, reducing toxicity and the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to assist in overall wellbeing and cellular health. Everything I put in, on and around my body has a great affect on my health and wellbeing. I am passionate about tuning in and listening to my body even when I'm feeling well. To maintain health and vitality and emotional wellbeing, this is a daily practice and an ebb and flow of finding a balance that works best. 


Through my healing experience I realized the importance of living with clarity in body, mind and home environment. I now guide people with chronic health issues to navigate natural health solutions, create space for clear energy, wellbeing and empowered living. I guide you to clarity, provide hope and inspiration for those wanting to seek truth and to explore the root causes to their chronic dis-ease. I am ready to offer all I've got.